This week I’m mostly

recovering from gallbladder surgery.
I’m so grateful that I live in the UK and have the NHS.
We have to wait a little time for treatment for what could be deemed ‘routine’ operations but the alternative is not worth considering.

The current lot in power spend most of their time rubbishing the NHS using the overly aggressive right-wing press to dig out problem after problem.  This leads to a perception that the NHS is poor value for the taxpayer, when actually the reality is completely opposite.

I’ve lived with the pain of gallstones for around 8-9 years, only having a diagnosis after multiple trips to the hospital at Christmas, attacks brought on by super rich Christmas food.

Rather than elect to have my gallbladder removed we decided to manage it with diet. I said we there as my wife has been a huge factor in helping me over this problem, without her help I’d either be dead or really really fat, thanks dear..

I’ve been on quite a low fat diet for many a year which has helped trim my waist and nearly keep the debilitating attacks at bay.

If you’ve ever suffered from gallstones then you’ll know the pain I talk about, WORST.. PAIN.. EVER..
I’ve got quite a high tolerance to pain, I’ve lived with a slipped disc for around 20+ years before it was removed last year but the pain from gallstones, wow..
I’ve crawled along the floor, sweated staring into a corner and asked any deity that would listen to take me (they were all busy at the time..), in short the pain is excruciating.

The diet helped straight away and the attacks arrived less and less, time passed….

but last year I started to get grumbles, then attacks, the last of which ended with me in hospital again.
The doctor said – “it’s time for it to go..” and I had to agree, so on the waiting list I went.

After all the consultations,  pre-op etc I arrived last week at Castle Hill Hospital with my dressing gown and slippers (not that I wore them!?) and from the moment I walked through the door to the time I left eight hours later I couldn’t have been in better hands.

The nurses were great, the surgeon and anesthetist were human and approachable with all questions answered in human and not medical..
I felt at ease throughout the procedure and can’t recommend the Hospital and staff enough.

I’m now recovering from the keyhole surgery and things are going well, the first few days the pain relief from the drugs wasn’t covering the pain, but on the 4th day it switched over. I’m up and about and the sun is shining.

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