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Narrative Clip – closer look

Well it arrived and I’ve been wearing it now and then, but being off work recovering from surgery there’s only so much ceiling you want capture..

I’ve not got around to uploading any photos and making any moments just yet as I run a linux household and Narrative haven’t released a Linux driver/uploader app yet.

They’ve released a Mac version so I can’t imagine there’s that much effort required to get a linux version up and running?

I’ve tried to install the uploader under Wine but got a lot of errors, I’ll take a closer look when my head is a little clearer (less drugs..)

I also installed it on a Windows XP VM running under VirtualBox but as the Narrative Clip wasn’t recognised under Ubuntu it couldn’t be shared via the USB to the VM… fail…

I’ll have to dig out the Windows only hard drive I’ve got somewhere to give the uploader a go..
Not a happy chappy  🙁

In the mean time I took a load of photos of the Narrative clip so I could remember it clean, it’ll soon get knocked around!

The debate around ‘security’, privacy & wearable tech is going to be an interesting one..