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IOT – the internet of things..

I’m hooked – seriously hooked on the IOT (Internet of Things) and home automation..

I’ve always liked data, collecting it, manipulating it and using it to either understand a situation or work through a problem.
The IOT is all about data and dare I say it – ‘big data’..

It was back in 1997 when I first looked at the IOT and thought through the possibilities, that was the heady days of windows 95 & 98.

A sudden realisation that very soon every single device could have an IP address and could talk to the World opened my eyes to the possibilities of automation.

It’s taken quite a while for me to re-visit that thought but now I have I’m not going to give it up until I’ve automated all the things!

Continue reading IOT – the internet of things.. is an attempt to kick-start the open data community within the Humberside area.

I use the word ‘Humberside’ with full knowledge of its recent history – but in this context it’s correct, for I plan to provide datasets from all four Humber authorities: East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Hull City Council, North Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Council.

The Councils have a direct bearing on each other due to their geographic  proximity, like it or lump it they are partners.

Th site will try to replicate what all the other open data sites have done for their developer communities – have all started a small revolution in their districts.

I want some of that for here!

I will work with officials from each authority to try and get data released, especially if there is a demand for it – aka ‘you ask for it!

One other thing I’ll try to get right – the licence.  There’s no point getting data if you can’t use it for a project!

Over time I will be copying /linking to data from the ONS, and many other places that relate to the Humber region.

I want you – the developers, citizens and general public to be able to find data related to your area and I also want you to find it in the right format with a simple to use API.

I have in the past tried to use open data, such as the open send data for and paid the price, inconsistent date formats, different csv headers, data in pdf only, excel spreadsheets etc etc – all are barriers to the simple and continual use of open data.

The Humber region is missing out on the energy, creativity and general enthusiasm that the developer community has in abundance – the social value that open data can provide has been proven many times.  Lets release that data and get hacking!

As the site progresses I want companies to start providing data and I want to kick off an open data group – I can then hand over ownership of the site to the group for evermore.


If you’re interested, feel you can help, have a question etc  – then please contact me –