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1 year on

It’s been a year since my last post (about the H801 led controller)

And for some reason I’ve just picked up the H801 again to use it on another project. This will be controlled porch lighting.

The last year has seen very little work on anything ‘smart’ as other priorities have taken over.

Necessity has meant I’ve learnt to weld aluminium with a AC/DC Tig welder.. hard but rewarding in the end.. that project is still ongoing but I’m hopeful it’ll be finished very soon.

I’ll post pictures of the secret squirrel project soon.

Over the coming months I’ll be posting more often as I migrate from openhab 1.x to 2

I’ve got openhab 1 running on a pine64 which is similar to a raspberry 3 but with a 64bit processor. Very quick and very reliable (kiss of death?).

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RGB led strip – controlled by a flashed H801 and Openhab

Update with pictures of the full strip in situ..

I’ve a few RGB LED strips around the house.

The one in the living room makes for a pleasant ambiance as it goes all the way around the room and shines upwards to reflect off the ceiling.

The problem with them is that the cheap IR controller that came with them is on the same channel as the TV remote control..


So every time we changed channels or changed the volume on the TV the lights came on, flashed, shifted colour or went all strange.
So in the end we stopped using them, I never gave up hope though and with my new IOT push I decided these were high on the list. Continue reading RGB led strip – controlled by a flashed H801 and Openhab

Cheap nodemcu not seen by the computer

I’ve quite a number of nodemcu’s – around 12 of them.
Some of them are the smaller Amica based boards while a large number are based on a larger PCB and are usually just black on the reverse.  The PCB’s are also have squarer corners while the better Aimca versions are nicely rounded.

These larger PCB based nodes use cheaper UART chips and I’ve had a lot of them fail. The usual symptom is for the nodemcu to work as normal (if it’s already got code flashed to it) but if you plug it into the computer’s USB socket it’s not seen or it just hangs when trying to communicate with it.

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Deciding on what sensors to create

Going back to the my previous blog post about creating the senses and brains first in my IOT house I decided to do a bit of planning..

I spent a bit of time working through the house, room by room, thinking what could be easily monitored and controlled.

I then put this down in a matrix of sensors that correspond to our five senses, this will make it easier to understand the number of ‘thing’s i needed to get hold of and what is going where and why.

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IOT – the internet of things..

I’m hooked – seriously hooked on the IOT (Internet of Things) and home automation..

I’ve always liked data, collecting it, manipulating it and using it to either understand a situation or work through a problem.
The IOT is all about data and dare I say it – ‘big data’..

It was back in 1997 when I first looked at the IOT and thought through the possibilities, that was the heady days of windows 95 & 98.

A sudden realisation that very soon every single device could have an IP address and could talk to the World opened my eyes to the possibilities of automation.

It’s taken quite a while for me to re-visit that thought but now I have I’m not going to give it up until I’ve automated all the things!

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