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It’s been a year since my last post (about the H801 led controller)

And for some reason I’ve just picked up the H801 again to use it on another project. This will be controlled porch lighting.

The last year has seen very little work on anything ‘smart’ as other priorities have taken over.

Necessity has meant I’ve learnt to weld aluminium with a AC/DC Tig welder.. hard but rewarding in the end.. that project is still ongoing but I’m hopeful it’ll be finished very soon.

I’ll post pictures of the secret squirrel project soon.

Over the coming months I’ll be posting more often as I migrate from openhab 1.x to 2

I’ve got openhab 1 running on a pine64 which is similar to a raspberry 3 but with a 64bit processor. Very quick and very reliable (kiss of death?).

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