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It’s been a year since my last post (about the H801 led controller)

And for some reason I’ve just picked up the H801 again to use it on another project. This will be controlled porch lighting.

The last year has seen very little work on anything ‘smart’ as other priorities have taken over.

Necessity has meant I’ve learnt to weld aluminium with a AC/DC Tig welder.. hard but rewarding in the end.. that project is still ongoing but I’m hopeful it’ll be finished very soon.

I’ll post pictures of the secret squirrel project soon.

Over the coming months I’ll be posting more often as I migrate from openhab 1.x to 2

I’ve got openhab 1 running on a pine64 which is similar to a raspberry 3 but with a 64bit processor. Very quick and very reliable (kiss of death?).

I’ve installed openhab 2 on a home server and pointed it at the mqtt server on the pine64. This allows me to migrate slowly and carefully getting all the rules in place etc while still keeping the old system running. This is important as it runs the heating..

Once I’m happy I can then copy the config files, remove openhab 1 on the pine64 and replace it with openhab 2 before copying across the working config files..

Other projects for winter include 10 standard sensors for the rooms. They’ll all have a dht22 temperature/humidity sensor, a PIR for sending presence, a tsl2561 lux sensor for light and a C0 gas sensor.

I’m trying to work out of if I need anything else, maybe a dB sound sensor?

They’ll all be hard wired into the 240 mains via double pole switched/fused outlets and mounted in places to cover the room.

Other projects include the porch lighting, environment sensors using multiple DS18B20’s so I’ve got air & ground temperature as well as rain bucket, wind speed and wind direction sensors.

The latter will be mounted on the roof so it’s not affected too much by eddy currents.

What else is there in pipe line?

Obviously using openhab 2 it means I can mount a tablet in the kitchen and use the dark theme for a front end, very nice that is too..

Oh yes.. environment again.. I want to create a portable environmental sensor that logs position, temp/humidity, N0, C0, N02 and other dodgy gases along with particular size. I ride to with every day on a bike and notice how bad the fumes can be.

Hull has two environmental stations, which for a city of 238,000 people is not good enough, they’re not granular enough to show how bad it is or any local hotspots.

I’m going to use an esp8266 and connect to my phone’s hotspot to post data online as I ride or walk. I’ll power out all using li-ion batteries.

Lots more either in my head or ready to build..

I’ve also got lots of stuff to discuss about smart cities.. but first sleep.






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